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Illustrated by Jake Shapiro
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We Sing Like This

Hardback  |  $22.00 USD

A pair of Herons spend each day singing a sweet song over their eggs. When a strong wind blows the parents far from their nest, their three little eggs are left alone. Bravely, the baby birds set off across the island searching for the ones who can sing their special song. A retelling of an old Cuban folktale told with lyrical refrains and stunning illustrations. Children will be delighted to sing along as they accompany the  baby Herons on their journey to find their parents.

I  Can See With My Ears

CD  |  $10.00 USD

Journey with Muriel as she shares tales from an American classroom to the African Savanna. Morals, humor, rich character voices and masterful music composition will ignite your sense of wonder.


Tracks include: 

1. I Can See With My Ears

2. We Sing Like This

3. Kevin the Bully

4. Pogo the Lion

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