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Interactive Telling

As a storyteller Muriel shares her passion and warmth with audiences of all ages. Her interactive style keeps everyone captivated.

Bring her stories to you where you live, work or play!

Now available for Virtual Themed Kid Classes!  Click here to learn more!

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Her Story

Muriel was born and raised in Salisbury, Maryland until the age of 18. She grew up in an environment where language was celebrated. Her mother was an English teacher, actress and avid reader. As a child Muriel would sit in awe as her mother would read, tell stories, sing songs and recite nursery rhymes. By the age of five Muriel had acquired an extraordinary vocabulary, soaring imagination and gift of expression. It was only natural that when Muriel became a mother and a teacher that she was compelled to share the same way her mother had shared with her. Muriel moved to California as a young adult; there she built a life, raised 3 children, became an educator and developed her storytelling artistry . For over 30 years, California was her beloved home. However, Muriel has recently relocated to New England from the San Francisco Bay Area . In New England she enjoys being near two of her 3 grandchildren. In addition to grandparenthood, Muriel has been an Early Childhood Educator for 28 years. She enjoys teaching about the role storytelling plays in early literacy and language development. As a professional storyteller, she has performed at pre-k and elementary schools, museums, colleges, churches, theaters, festivals and countless other venues from Wyoming to West Africa. Adding author to her repertoire, in 2021 Muriel published her first children's book, We Sing Like ThisIn 2022 Muriel had the honor of traveling to Brazil for a multi-city tour. This year ( 2023) her storytelling has taken her to Colombia, Panama and back to California where she was a featured teller at the renowned  Sierra Storytelling Festival in Nevada City, California. In 2017 she had the distinguished honor of emceeing the festival. 

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