“Muriel captured and held the attention of our young audience (about 100 kindergarten and preschoolers) for almost an hour, an amazing feat for any performer. Kids who normally get bored and squirmy were rapt; parents who are known to check their phones constantly were thoughtfully engaged. 

Muriel carefully crafted her selection of interactive stories to match the group of children and parents before her, breathing new life into ancient tales. Her gentle yet commanding style transported us to other worlds and we all left feeling refreshed and a little wiser, and kinder. I would recommend Muriel to any librarian or teacher looking for a professional storyteller, one who not only brings creativity and intelligence to her craft, but also a vibrant spirit that connects with children.I can't wait to have her back at the San Anselmo Library!”

April Hayley, MLIS

Children’s Librarian

San Anselmo Library